Price Guaranteed for Life

Reliable phone service from AerioConnect to keep you connected, even in emergencies.  All our services include a Lifetime Price Guarantee and you can talk as much as you want, knowing your monthly bill will never go up, EVER !

Phone Features and Pricing

  • Quality equal to traditional landline service whether its calls within U.S. or to other countries
  • Pricing AerioConnect is significantly lower than traditional telecom or cable companies, we also have a Lifetime Price Guarantee
  • One plan One price fits all we offer one complete plan includes all advanced calling features at no additional charge
  • Convenience Keep your existing phone number and we do all the porting for you
  • Emergency 911 included with every phone install
  • Easy installation No need for finding a live phone jack, just plug into your wireless router

FAX for home business

AerioConnect Fax solution is a seamless integration of your email and conventional fax system.  Just address your email to (fax number) and attach your document(s) to the email.  We'll send your fax and deliver confirmation.  For receiving, your fax arrives as an email attachment - just click to open as you normally would.  Our fax solution places no requirement on your customer, they will never know you are using it.

  • 9.95 per month 
  • 4.95 per month with our voice package
  • AerioConnect Fax includes 100 FREE pages

*All pages over 100 are charged at $0.10 per page.


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